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The Antwerp Diamond Center covers one square mile, housing 1500 diamond companies and 4 diamond bourses. In this highly protected quarter, thousands of highly skilled diamond workers are active to keep up the international quality label ”Cut in Antwerp” based on a tradition of 5 centuries. Millions of diamonds are literally passing through their hands. The Antwerp diamond companies have the best polishers in the world.

Waldorf in association with IDS, is one of Antwerps largest diamond suppliers to trade, is member of all the major professional diamond associations

Waldorf does not only have loose diamonds for sale, but also has the finest collection of diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewellery.

The history of Antwerp as the World Diamond Center is a very fascinating and long one, too long to tell the whole story, but too marvellous to exclude you completely from it! We would like to give you therefore an insight into this brilliant history.

We shall probably never know when the first diamonds were discovered, but we do know that, from ancient times until the eighteenth century, all the world’s diamonds came from India. From the time of the Roman Empire until the arrival of the first Europeans in India at the beginning of the sixteenth century, trade relations flourished between Europe and Eastern Asia. One of the two principal diamond trade routes passed through Venice.

The city became the most important mercantile republic in the western world. It enjoyed a monopoly of the diamond trade on its way to the main towns of southern Germany up to its final destination in Bruges. Lying as it did at the far end of the trade route, Bruges gradually developed into a flourishing diamond-cutting center and the city’s reputation in this field steadily increased with time. Although Bruges maintained its pre-eminent position up to the end of the fourteenth century, within fifty years it began to decline because of the silting of the Zwin.

The diamond trade, along with Bruge’s many other economic activities, gradually shifted to the city of Antwerp which offered newer and better facilities for communications and exchange.

Antwerp was in the sixteenth century an expanding and flourishing city. By this time Antwerp already played a determining role in the development of diamond-working techniques . It is significant, for example, that Francois I did not call on the diamond cutters of Paris but placed his orders instead with the craftsmen of Antwerp

Once our perfect Diamonds are cut, we then then use only the finest craftsmen who also make for Londons Bond Street Stores, but at prices that are guaranteed to be at least 30% less.

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